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Radar Install Kit - Escort

The four-piece set with tray is designed to accommodate the company's iX Ci and MAX Ci installed radar detector platforms. Three of the router guides allow technicians to create exact openings to flush-mount the control module as well as the two display sizes. A fourth guide fits the laser shifters into custom mounts for placement in the front or rear of the vehicle. These router guides are used in conjunction with a router flush trim bit to transfer the shape of the guide to the part or component that the controller, display, or shifter will be mounted in. The included storage tray allows for storage of the router guides and router bits.



  1. Display iX Router Guide
  2. Display Ci Router Guide
  3. Controller Ci Router Guide
  4. Shifter Ci Router Guide

& Router Guide Holding Tray


Router bits not included. To see our selection of router bits and other tools please go HERE. 

Sensors and controllers not included.

Radar Install Kit - Escort

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