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How we started


With over 41 Million drivers ticketed every year and an average speeding ticket fine of $150 drivers seek a way to reduce their risk of receiving such a ticket.

The solution? Radar detection devices which signal the driver when a potential speed monitoring device is within range of the vehicle.

With more and more consumers purchasing radar detection devices more consumers seek a "OEM-like" installation into their vehicle, and with speed monitoring devices advancing in technology, a more advanced detection system is required. Gone are the days of simply hanging a detector device from the windshield with suction cups. Detection systems now feature laser shifters, separate displays, and controllers.


These devices must be mounted at various locations within and outside the vehicle, and that's where we come in...

Our consumable controller and display mounts and router guides allow a technician to install and integrate the various shifters, displays, and controllers with "OEM-like" precision and quality. This leads to a final product that is visually appealing and user-friendly.

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